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IMG_0794My name is Heidi, and I’m a Swiss Miss who loves to cook. I am allergic to shellfish, and I cook a lot of foods that are allergy-friendly and paleo, so they don’t have gluten, dairy, or refined sugar – although yes, that is a fresh, live lobster I’m holding in the photo. No, I didn’t eat it.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, and all that rainy weather that keeps things beautiful and green is very conducive for cooking fresh, healthy food and ‘eating in season’.

I am also an avid tennis player, a runner (if something is chasing me), and I love to experience adventures in travel on www.swissmissabroad.com, adventures in stitching, sewing and quilting on www.swissmissstitches.com, and adventures right here in my hometown on www.swissmissathome.com.

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