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As Lucky As This…

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As I sit here and write this post, I am so thankful that I am as lucky as this. And by this, I mean writing a blog post while looking at this:

I had the opportunity to take a short get-away with some friends. A get-away from my current work project, my quilting, my cooking and cleaning… yes, all the things I love to do. A get-away to Cannon Beach to visit with friends, taste (mostly) good wine, eat amazing food, play games, solve puzzles, take long walks on the beach, and relax.

Cannon Beach is famous for several things, one being Haystack Rock:


I apologize for the graininess of this photo… it was taken from a distance at twilight, and my camera is way too complex for me to figure out. Anyone want to give me lessons?

There are a large quantity of artist studios and boutiques that sell local art, some of which is fantastic. It also has a quilt shop here: Center Diamond Quilt Shop.

Cannon Beach also has some famous sites because the Steven Spielberg movie “The Goonies” was partly filmed here.

But we came for Stephanie Inn. My friends have made this an annual get-away, and it is quite amazing. This is my first time staying here with them. We played a lot of cards while watching the ocean, some chess, some backgammon, some jigsaw puzzles… and more cards. Stephanie Inn has a never-empty cookie jar, some amazing housekeeping staff (my bath towels were folded into elephants and turtles!), turn-down service with chocolates, a nightly happy hour, a night-cap hour, and the most amazing restaurant I have had the pleasure to enjoy.

I recommend getting a room with an ocean view. Your room probably won’t have this pretty lady on the balcony, but the view is still pretty good!


Night-cap: Port and Gran Marnier… then off to play more cards!


Toasting friends – Donna and Penny.


From left to right: Penny, Donna, Me, and Gwen (my Mom!) at the night-cap hour in the library.

We went to dinner at the Inn last night, and I just have to share that really, it was incredible. Amazing. Pretty unforgettable, in fact. Our table enjoyed the following menu:

  • Grilled Polenta Cakes – creamy polenta grilled golden brown, topped with braised pork, fried shallots and spiced orange gastrique
  • Wild Mushroom Soup – local morel mushrooms and truffle oil
  • Creamy Asparagus Soup – grilled asparagus and creme fraiche
  • Wild Tiger Prawn and Clam Saute – wild tiger prawns and local clams sauteed with garlic, capers, lemon, and fresh herbs, topped with toasted bruschetta and purple radish sprouts
  • Organic Green Salad – organic greens tossed with citrus honey vinaigrette, blue cheese, pickled onions, fresh pears, and 30 year aged balsamic vinegar
  • Garlic Rubbed Filet Mignon – Medallions of all natural Painted Hills Angus Beef, au gratin potatoes, grilled asparagus, and red wine bordelaise
  • Buttermilk Panna Cotta – creamy buttermilk custard topped with strawberry rhubarb compote, pistachios, and caramel tuile cookie.

Yup… pretty unforgettable. We got dressed up (see the picture above) and had a wonderful girls’ evening out. And I just have to share this parting picture of Penny, because it is perfect.

She cleans up pretty nice, huh?

In closing… I wish everyone gets the opportunity to be As Lucky As This.

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