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I’m In Oaxaca This Week!

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¡Hola, from Oaxaca! I am here this week for my day job… you know, that thing I do when I am not cooking, quilting, stitching and playing tennis.

The city of Oaxaca is about 300 miles South of Mexico City, and is the capital of the state Oaxaca. It is in the mountains, about 5100 feet above sea level, and was founded in 1532!

My flight arrived on Sunday morning, and since my day job doesn’t kick in until Monday, I spent some time exploring the town around my hotel.

This is Niños Heroes, the road outside my hotel. They were having a marathon the morning I showed up, so there were lots of runners on the road!

This is one of the roads and walls featuring the green stone that is indigenous to this area.


There are lots of these small plazas and parks around…

This one is on Calle Macedonio Alcala, which I was strolling along on my way to find the Santo Domingo de Guzman church.

I encountered a street fair with lots of artisans showing their wares…

And I finally found the cathedral! This church was started in 1555 and finished in 1566.

The square in front of the church housed some pretty amazing plants… and I love the trees in the background.

I showed up in time for the afternoon services, and they were beautiful. I don’t speak Spanish, so I really have no idea what was said… but I really enjoyed it anyway!

The ceilings were pretty amazing.

This is a brief history of the church… if you can read it. 🙂

And this is one of the private rooms dedicated to the Virgin.

This is the back door. I would like a back door like that in my house. What do you think?
These pictures were taken from my hotel room. This is my view. 🙂 The structure you see above is thGuelaguetza Auditorium. The marathon was finishing there, and there is a big cultural celebration there this week.


I will post more when I have a chance to enjoy more of the city!

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