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Coconut Lime Chicken Tacos

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I have another easy-to-make, really customizable recipe to share with you. This recipe comes together in under 30 minutes, and faster if you want to try a short-cut. For instance, I poached and shredded a couple of chicken breasts, but you could just as easily pick up a rotisserie chicken at your local grocery store and just pull it apart with your fingers, and that would save you probably 15 minutes.

Shredded chicken with coconut milk.

You start with shredded chicken in a saucepan over medium heat. Pour in a can of coconut milk. I used lite, but you could easily use the full-fat version. It will be thicker, so keep an eye on it while you simmer the chicken.

Add lime zest, lime juice, cumin, and a splash of hot sauce.

I zested a lime, then added the lime juice, the cumin, and some El Tapatio sauce, mixed it all together, and then left it to simmer while I chopped a red onion, an avocado, and shredded some cheese.

When it was done simmering, I added fresh cilantro and a little salt and pepper.

Then I put my onions and avocados in little bowls. Honestly, that was purely for the sake of this picture, since Mike and I would normally just scoop them right up off the cutting board. Look at how this blog is refining me. My Mom would be so proud.

I used corn tortillas (slightly warmed) for my tacos, but you could also use standard taco shells, flour tortillas, or like Mike did (see the lovely photo below), you could use a spinach flour tortilla.


Coconut Lime Chicken Tacos

Serves 4-6


2 lb of shredded chicken
1 can lite coconut milk
1 tsp cumin
Zest and juice of 1 lime
Splash hot sauce
Salt and ground black pepper
1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
Tortillas (your choice)
1 small red onion, diced
1 avocado, peeled, pitted and sliced


In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine the chicken, coconut milk, cumin, lime zest and juice, and hot sauce. Simmer until heated through and thick. Season the chicken with salt and pepper, then remove from the heat. Stir in the cilantro, then divide the mixture between the tortillas.

Top each serving with diced onion and avocado. Serve immediately.
See? Super-easy, super-fast, and really customizable! I hope you enjoy!

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