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I Got A Weber!

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Hey Ya’ll! I got a new toy and am super-excited to share with you! First time in my life I have ever owned a grill. I want to give a huge shout out to Steven Dolbey for doing some major research to help my find my grill soul-mate. He helped me find the grill (a Weber Q3200 Natural Gas Grill) and after researching options, recommended I order it straight from Weber, which I did. It came in a box. A big box. A big, heavy box. Which sat in my garage for a couple of days until I got the time to dig into that new project. And a serious project it was!

Once I got it all put together and out on to my deck (also a bit of an adventure navigating it through the house!), I ran into a bit of a stumbling block. So, I had specifically decided upon a natural gas grill because I have a natural gas hookup on the deck. This is very nice so that I don’t have to haul a propane tank through the house, or mess with briquets on the deck and schlep the ash through the house to clean it out. So, natural gas was the obvious decision. What was not obvious, however, was how to get the cap off the gas line. I tried. Very hard. With a wrench. I might have a cursed a fair bit. And then I trooped across the cul-de-sac and knocked on my neighbor’s door. He works on cars, has a lot of tools, and looks strong. I determined that is what I needed. When I explained the problem to him, he brought two LARGE wrenches over, and used one for leverage and one for torque. And several muscles that I’m pretty sure I don’t have. And the cap came off!

This brought us to the next stumbling block. The standard hookup on the gas line did not fit the standard hookup on the grill. This little issue only took two trips to my local hardware store and a few more curse words. Once it was all hooked up, it worked like a charm. I turned on the gas, set the burners to ignite, and pushed the ignition button. And then there was heat. Not much flame, mind you. In fact, I couldn’t see flame AT ALL. But it got really hot. Like 500 degrees. So I know it was working. And once it was working, there was some grilling to do!

The inaugural grilling included lamb steaks (courtesy of Reister Farms at my local farmers market!) and some fingerling potatoes, and a nice salad. Super excited to have this new form of cooking available, so I’m sure I’ll be sharing more adventures! Stay tuned…

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